Mark Ubsdell

Mark Ubsdell

Director, Support Facilitator, General Administrative and Promotions


Mark Ubsdell was a founding member of Picture Production Company in Soho – London, working with legendary film Producers and Directors and going on to pioneer a creative independent production and distribution system with ethically based film-making as a key feature.

In addition to producing a feature film with the Monty Python producer: John Goldstone, Mark also worked with the President Mandela Reconstruction and Development initiative to mastermind: School Link, a programme to develop links with UK schools to build new South African establishments.

His grandfather is JG Bennett. Mark was similarly inspired to examine new forms of education, inspired largely by Bennett’s own meeting with Maria Montessori herself, and experimenting with alternative forms of education at his first research centre in Coombe Springs – Kingston – Surrey, in the 1950s to early 1960s. Mark worked for some years in promoting the celebrated Woodentots Montessori School in North London.

He is currently working with INITIATIVES OF CHANGE in Victoria, London, to develop a new initiative in Global change with a dedicated Hub, Forum and Channel being established in 2018/19 linked to a major new television series examining the origins of the United Nations and The European Union.

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