Howard Evans

Howard Evans

Craniosacral therapist, Acupuncturist, Meditation facilitator

Howard has worked with many great yoga teachers but those who had the greatest influence are Faustomaria Dorelli, John Stirk and Bobby Jones. He trained as a meditation teacher with Alexander Filmer-Lorch.

His acupuncture studies led him not into therapy practice but into twelve years of meditation practice under the guidance of some remarkable teachers.  Howard’s MA thesis discussed the significance of therapeutic listening both from a psychotherapeutic and a craniosacral perspective and suggested the possibility of a ‘memory of health’ to which the patient could reorient, given the right therapeutic relationship. Since then he has undertaken advanced courses in craniosacral biodynamics with, amongst others, Franklyn Sills and Michael Shea.

A Body oriented therapist since 1992, Howard has practiced Craniosacral therapy since 1997 and taught at many European schools including the University of Westminster. His Masters thesis (1996) explored the possibility of reorienting to a memory of health through the act of entering into stillness with another (or others). This ‘entering into stillness’ continues to guide his work. Howard practiced meditation for many years under the auspices of the Gurdjieff Society and trained as a meditation teacher with Alexander Filmer-Lorch.

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