The long-term aim of the centre is to explore the principles of continuous education embodied in the Sherborne and Claymont courses as well as the spirit of the ‘Fourth Way’ work explored by Gurdjieff. The intention is to work with students to engage with practices and methodologies leading to a harmonious and creative life.

The term ‘Fourth Way School’ was used by Gurdjieff to distinguish the type of Cultural learning and research facility we are creating at the Enneagram Centre – Mallorca. In his book, Dramatic Universe, Bennett referred to the concept of a ‘Psychokinetic Society,’ indicating the desire to research and develop concepts of human perfectibility. A school of the Fourth Way exists solely to facilitate learning for this purpose. The task at the new centre is to work towards the enjoyment of fully satisfying conditions of life in all planes: physical, intellectual and spiritual and find and develop linkages with similar organisations such as the IofC connection.

The purpose of the course is to help students in their work of self-perfecting, to give them confidence in the reality of the spiritual world and to train them to become specialists able to teach others and to serve Nature.

The Course

The centre will at it’s core run a series of residential seminars to examine routes to personal development and inner work, to look at what we can do in our lives as individuals and as members of the worldwide community.

  • The teaching includes Gurdjieff’s ‘Movements’ and 
  • Psychological and Spiritual exercises.
  • The study of man and 
  • Ideas and Methods of ‘The Fourth Way’
  • Daily working topics for practical application.
  • Themes and discussion, sharing of observations and experiences.
  • Practical work through which to apply the theme of the day and to understand the importance of not separating inner work from everyday activities.
  • Art and Creativity exercises and practice, including music and drama, spinning and weaving, pottery.
  • Nature and Meditational walks.
  • Practical skills, domestic, horticultural, agricultural, building 
construction and maintenance.
  • Discussion; Health, diet, natural medicine and physiotherapy.
  • Subsidiary Treatments and Physical Practices; Yoga, Reiki, Holistic Massage (by appointment)

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