New Centre for Learning

New Centre for Learning in Mallorca

In 2018 a new centre is being established which will follow not only Bennett’s aims in creating a centre of learning and cultural thought but also refer to the work of Bennett’s successor with whom Mark Ubsdell’s family was closely associated – writer, broadcaster and lecturer – IDRIES SHAH. His Institute for Cultural Research (ICR) aimed at stimulating “study, debate, education and research into all aspects of human thought, behaviour and culture”. (Linked to The Society for Sufi Studies (SSS).

Just as ICR established a centre for gathering and discussion attended by established authors, poets, philosophers and statesmen from around the world, and an established part of the literary scene of the time, Enneagram Mallorca proposes to initiate and hold similar Seminars, meetings and lectures with the aim of forwarding the repository of esoteric work.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.

Effective Action

Bennett believed that, concern for others can be translated into effective action only by those who are working for their own self-perfecting. The focus of Gurdjieff’s and Bennett’s teaching was on people who sincerely wish to give rather than take, to overcome their own weaknesses rather than exploit the weaknesses of others. The intention was to build a new consciousness in society that will survive in the hard times ahead. The perceived, ‘hard times’ were themselves viewed as a necessary factor in self-perfecting. This is one reason why ‘schools of wisdom’ (as Bennett termed them) could become active when humanity is approaching a time of perceived crisis.

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