Getaway Healing Retreat for Body & Mind

Cultivate Flow State

This is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner stillness at this 5 night retreat in the heart of the tranquil Mallorcan countryside close to the bay of Pollenca. With a focus on allowing participants to relax and recharge, the retreat offers a variety of guided sessions including yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, nature walks and group healing.

Through twice daily practices of somatic healing vinyasa flow yoga and two hour yin yoga sessions we learn to listen and allow cultivating flow state.
Great for addressing artistic and creative ‘block’ and for creating a feeling of abundance, this retreat is designed to offer nourishment for body soul and mind.
A retreat for allowing, and dropping external force and enabling a great sense of personal energetic abundance and love.

This retreat is suitable for all levels from the super beginner to the super advanced practitioner.

There will be plenty of free time for attendees to explore the surrounding countryside, visit the local beach and relax by the onsite pool. Optional extras include cranio-sacral treatments, Thai Massage, Health and Well being coaching sessions.

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