About Pollenca Retreats

The centre will at it’s core run a series of residential seminars to examine routes to personal development and inner work, to look at what we can do in our lives as individuals and as members of the worldwide community.

The property comprises 3 acres of land and buildings dedicated to the purposes of the Seminar Centre. It is situated in the fertile and picturesque ‘Golden Triangle’ of Mallorca’s Pollenca Valley in the Foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains just 2km from the majestic Bay of Pollenca. It is readily accessible from Palma with its’ international links (35 miles), long established as an international hub. The house and grounds will be developed to offer a facility for research, learning and the residential courses that will take place with effect from March 2018. It is also proposed to establish a Permaculture facility on the premises for the development of alternative agriculture. As this experiment develops, more land may be purchased. The premises have two residential areas capable of housing fifteen to twenty people. There are also outbuildings and a central wooden Octagonal Yoga, Meditation and Refectory area with inspirational views towards the Tramuntana Mountains.


What Our Clients Say About Us

"In a market saturated with yoga teachers I feel blessed to have practiced under Liz. Having experienced many different teachers I was blown away buy Lizs teaching. Not only does she have the breadth of knowledge of many different styles of yoga but also an unrivaled depth of knowledge that only comes about from disciplined practice for a number of years. The experience she brings to each class enables total beginners to advanced practitioners to deepen and refine their practice to new heights. Liz always challenges you to go further in a controlled and safe manner, enable you to overcome self doubt and reach deeper levels of practice you've never imagined possible. I almost selfishly didn't write this review because shes a real gem that you don't want others to discover. Elizabeth is a very established, freelance, yoga teacher on the London scene and beyond. She gives very clear directions on how to gradually master complex postures in a supple non-harmful way. She invites us to care for our bodies and selves and together with better diet and right mind live a more wholesome and sound life. She is my favorite teacher."


Elizabeth, you have changed the way I see yoga...you are an inspiration. Thank you for transforming not only my physical practice to new heights, but for showing and leading me to a path of deeper consciousness and space.
Spending a week studying with you was a joy and an absolute privilege...I am so grateful to have found you. Namaste. Your student for life.

Serena Mackay ex professional ballet dancer USA

Serena Mackay

I have visited this energizing place perfect for yoga retreats and meditation, relaxing and remembering the peace of life.

Melanie Reeves
Melanie ReevesEstate Agent, Teacher,

It's an important new initiative in an exceptionally beautiful setting. I am looking forward to the Bennett/Gurdjieff courses commencing in 2018. I understand there are also courses planned in new Media and film production.

William Knight
William KnightIndependent Producer, Farmer

There's something spiritually elevating about this setting, truly inspirational. With the light from the mountains in the later afternoon, it feels as if you could be in Tahiti - or Scotland ... or anywhere in the world. A positive feeling pervades the place.

Jorge Gardner
Jorge GardnerYoga Instructor

The Collaborative Partners

Camilo Jiménez
Camilo Jiménez
Tao Shiatsu and Tao Sangha Practitioner
John & Lori Hillman
John & Lori Hillman
acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese and Taoist Five Element medicine
Elizabeth Grolle
Elizabeth Grolle
Yoga Teacher, International Facilitator
Mark Ubsdell
Mark Ubsdell
Director, Support Facilitator, General Administrative and Promotions
Howard Evans
Howard Evans
Craniosacral therapist, Acupuncturist, Meditation facilitator

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